What is Baby Sign?

Baby sign refers to the use of hand gestures to communicate with your preverbal baby or to create a more effective mode of communication between you and your toddler. Most people use signs taken from a real sign language such as American Sign Language (ASL). By using ASL signs with babies, you are not teaching them the actual language, you are simply using the exact sign for the exact English word

Why sign with babies who have normal hearing?

Signing provides the ability to communicate earlier than speech. Babies understand language well before they are able to say the words they know. Developmentally most babies are able to manipulate and control their hands before they are able to coordinate all the components needed to produce speech. Typically babies say their first word around 12 months however they start communicating with intent as early as 7 months by pointing, gesturing, and using facial expressions. Research shows that babies who are signed to are able to use those signs to communicate at as early as 7-9 months. Research also indicates that teaching signs may:

  • reduce frustration
  • enhance child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs
  • increase vocabulary and language skills
  • strengthen cognitive skills 

How to teach your baby sign?

Come and take a class with My Smart Hands and learn how to sign with your child!


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